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Barreling Toward the Finish

Baylee Stafford, Co-Editor

October 31, 2019

My heart beats out of my chest. Fifteen minutes until race time. Sweat trickles down my neck, and I can only hope that the weeks I have dedicated to ruthless mile repeats and track workouts will soon make an appearance in my p...

Student opens the Tik Tok app on their phone.

To Tik or To Tok?

October 1, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Important Reminder

September 24, 2019

I’ve debated on whether or not to write this letter for some time now but, in light of recent events, it only seems appropriate that I share my thoughts; hopefully they are well received. My mom showed me this piece, an op-ed ...

Extremity of Driving

Extremity of Driving

March 21, 2019



Kyle Jacobs, Reporter

February 19, 2019

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