Candidate: Alex Wilkins


Alex Wilkins is running for Student Body Vice President for the 2020-2021 school year.


“My name is Alex Wilkins and I am running for the position of Student Body Vice President and I am currently Sophomore class president. In my freetime I enjoy spending time with friends, tutoring my peers, and leading in my activities. I am outgoing, hardworking, personable and easy to talk to. Academically, I have outstanding grades despite being in 7 activities, and I love to challenge myself by taking extra classes outside of my required curriculum. I am the captain of colorguard, have gone to leadership training camps for the past 2 years, and will be attending my third this year (depending on corona). I love performing in front of crowds, whether that be with the color guard or with the cheerleaders, or giving a speech on a topic I’m passionate about. I love putting on a big smile and sharing the joy with everyone I come in contact with. I’m a very well-rounded person because one day I’ll be wearing a short skirt and cheering and tossing flags with the teams I love, and the next I’ll be in black slacks giving a negation speech on the use of cyber operations. With all this in mind, the person to represent the student body should be an approachable, sociable, well rounded, and a dedicated person to support not only the president, but also the individuals with unique ideas to share, and I know I can be that person. Please vote for me to be your next student body vice president!”