Shortage of Medical Supplies

In recent times, coronavirus has had multiple impacts on this country and all around the world. One of those impacts has been the shortage of medical supplies.

Shortage of Medical Supplies

Sacha Bigey, Reporter

All around the nation, medical supplies such as face masks and ventilators have rapidly decreased in availability with the increasing number of patients. Regardless of those conditions, President Trump said, “Even in the really hot spots – you know what they are – are communicating directly with us that their level of supplies are meeting essential needs. And at the current time, they’re really thrilled to be where they are,” This was during the briefing of the Coronavirus Task Force Saturday on the 4th of April.

In a statement made to NPR News Alicia Mitchell, the American Hospital Association’s senior vice president of communications said, “not a day goes by where we don’t hear from hospitals and health systems across the country that are concerned about shortages of [personal protective equipment] for their heroic frontline caregivers.” PPEs are indispensable for the safety of the healthcare workers who are working day and night to take care of all the patients and for the safety of their families.

The PPE and ventilators are not the only supplies that have become scarce-  The medication that patients need as they are put on ventilators is also at a shortage. The rising number of patients, as well as the increased time each patient spends on a ventilator, cause the hospital’s stock to deplete more quickly.

The problem is that, without those drugs, patients on ventilators tend to try and remove the tube that helps them breathe themselves, due to the great discomfort it causes them. Another complicating factor is that some of the essential drugs take a long time to be produced, for example, injectable drugs need a 21 day sterility period before they are ready for use.

Overall the situation is still under control even though it might seem insurmountable and the only thing we can do right now is following the government and health officials’ direction.