20 Things To Do During Self-Isolation

As sports are canceled, restaurants are closed, and all the toilet paper is in my house. What are you supposed to do for your long weeks indoors? I have compiled twenty different activities to get your mind off of this global pandemic.

Watch a new movie

Across the web, there are so many movies to be watched with so many types of genres.


Trust me, you need it.

Start a new series

There are tons of TV shows across the web and there’s no way you have seen all of them so get surfing!

Write a book

Get creative and begin your own fun action, horror, mystery, or any other genre filled imaginary life!

Try out a new game

With Animal Crossing and Doom Eternals release, there are so many new games you can enjoy on your newly open schedule.

Create a schedule

Speaking of schedules, schedules are a necessity if you want to begin working efficiently through your day to day life so why not do it now?

Summon Cthulhu

It’s a great past time for the whole family to join in on. There are plenty of tutorials in old manuscripts which are now published online!

Learn a new instrument

Instruments can be a good place to get away from the world temporarily to practice and sharpen your expertise.

Watch Tik Tok

Nah, nevermind. Bad idea.

Clear your camera roll

You have too many old memes now, and it’s a good time to finally clear some space on your phone.


There is now plenty of time to sharpen your skills and make new hobbies.

Find old pictures

Reliving old memories can be so much fun and you can also invite your roommates to join you.

Apply for a job

You have remote work experience now, so get out there (if you aren’t afraid of death).

Dig a hole to the center of the Earth

This can be done with man’s best friend and a shovel though you might give up.

Do your income taxes

No more procrastination, you are running out of excuses.


Ever wanted to try your own recipes? Now with all this extra time you finally have more time for your hobbies.

Learn calligraphy

Calligraphy can be very beautiful and there are so many tutorials across the web including platforms such as YouTube.

Organize your computer space

You know you have been needing to do it for the last couple of weeks, months, or years.

Watch Streamers on Twitch

It’s always good to support other people, but you could also enjoy watching “Just Chatting” or the new “DOOM: Eternal” game. Whichever spices up your day more and there are so many creators and so much to choose from including SticKeyBored.

Make a 20 Things to do During Self-Isolation list

Bored? Well yea, me too.