Broncs Swimming Comes to an End


Ashley Alexander

Junior Ethan Hope cheering on his team mates at a home meet during the swim season.

Despite taking 11th place in their state competition, the Broncs swim team formed a family this season through their hard work and dedication to the sport and each other. The Broncs competed in the state championship last Thursday and Friday. Lander, an overwhelmingly quick competitor, took the championship for the twenty-third time in a row. 

The Broncs’ best and largest team in a long time placed second to last, only grabbing 25 points in the state meet. Freshman Joseph Killpack placed ninth in the 100 backstroke,  Sophomore Bradley Fick took eleventh in the 500 freestyle, and Senior Porter Laing took 12th in diving. 

“The state meet went really well,” Fick said. “Even though the placing didn’t say much, we really did put a lot of hard work into the meet.” 

A significant part of their placement was due to injuries and illness, according to Senior Dillion Romero. “But we did really well overall,” he said. 

Even with difficulties, the team put forth individual effort, which contributed to their fellowship.“This was one of my favorite swim seasons,” Fick said. “This is the closest I have ever been to a sports team. It felt more like a family to me and getting to hang out with the boys was my favorite part of the season.” 

For Romero, it was the “cordiality” that was the best part of the season. “Last year we were close, but this year we were super close. My teammates had me for the highs and lows, and I had their backs as well.” 

There were many freshman and sophomores that made up the team. “The core of our team is very strong even though we are young,” Fick said. “I’m looking forward to how this team is going to be the next couple of years.”  

Next year, the Broncs will look to add new swimmers to an up and coming team. “Don’t be afraid to try out for the swim team,” Fick said. “It’s super fun, and we have a good atmosphere, and we are laid back about things.”