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Photo courtesy of SmugMug

Charlie Beaudrie stands on the football field during a game in Oahu while playing in the Tiki Bowl.

On January 5, 2020 the Hawaii Tiki Bowl was broadcasted live on Youtube. As you’re watching the game, you may have noticed a blue helmet with the white and gold strip going over the helmet with a number one on the white jersey. That was senior Charlie Beaudrie, who primarily played safety. 

The organizers of the Tiki Bowl invited Charlie via direct message on Twitter last summer to travel to Hawaii to play in one of the many bowl games that are hosted for high school football players hoping to get a shot at playing college ball. 

Beaudrie made the 3,189 mile trip to participate in the bowl, which included over 70 players from around the country. He was there for five days practicing with the team, and being able to experience all of what the island had to offer. “I got to go hike on the really tall mountain with my team, and I also to go snorkeling with sea turtles as well. That was super fun to do while I had free time in Hawaii.”

Aside from his tropical adventures on Oahu he still had to practice to prepare for the game. “The practices were different than what Cody has. We had four days of practice to get ready, and the offense and defensive play calling was different. Instead of signs, it was just phrases or words and that was the play call we learned,” Beaudrie said.

The cold weather was not a factor while practicing and playing in the games, and the conditions were something that Beaudrie was not accustomed to. “The whole time it was 80 degrees and the humidity is crazy; something I have never experienced,” he said. 

Beaudrie has received multiple offers from colleges to play football. He said “definitely for sure I will be committing to a team soon I do not know when exactly.”   

You can find the link to games two and three here, which Beaudrie played in.