Book Review: The Sun is Also a Star

Book Review: The Sun is Also a Star

Falling into a book and never being able to put it down is one of the best things in the world, but there is always a book or two you can never seem to manage to fall into.

Typically I’m not one to leave a book unfinished, but this was a book I just couldn’t see myself mustering up the strength to get through. I did, however, trudge through it painfully, dreading most moments in the midst of its pages, procrastinating at every turn, and only finishing it a week before this review was due.

The book begins with the introduction of Natasha and Daniel, the two main characters. It was apparent immediately that the two of them were going to fall in love from the moment they talked in the music store. To thicken the plot, the author adds a major hurdle for one of the characters: Natasha and her family are going to be deported because they are illegal immigrants. Throughout the story Natasha refuses to admit she returns any feelings for Daniel and continues to act that way, long after the two share a kiss. When she finally does admit her feelings, the day is almost over and the two have to say goodbye. She and Daniel try to keep in touch but slowly lose contact. Long after the lost connection, Natasha gets on an airplane and Daniel just happens to be on it as well. From that, you can guess the two must rekindle their love and live happily ever after.

While the novel offered a great and endearing love story. The way the author set up the book was done poorly. She would show different perspectives of people that were seemingly unimportant, like the security guard at the immigration office. This story is interwoven throughout the novel, giving reader’s insight to her desire to end her own life.  When Nastasha called the immigation office later in the day, it’s what saved Irene (the security guard) from taking her own life. It’s creative, but felt unrelated to Natasha and Daniel’s story. 

Out of five stars I give Nicola’s  The Sun is Also A Star three stars because even though it had a great plotline and good meaning behind it, the story could’ve been told just a bit differently, helping to reel the reader in just a tad more.