A Dancer all Grown up


One of Emily Cole’s senior pictures.

Most kids learn to walk at a young age. For Senior Emily Cole it was learning to dance. Cole has lived in Cody basically all of her life, and she’s danced basically all of her life as well. 

While Cole participates in a number of school activities such as Change Attitudes Now, Teen Leadership Coalition, and National Honors Society, dance is her utmost favorite activity. 

“Dance is so important to me because it’s like a second family,” said Cole. “I spend so much time at the studio that it’s pretty much like a home away from home. As a human its given me patience,  and its benefited me by allowing me to be apart of the community who supports me.”

Despite her fair share of school work and more than average after school activities to manage, Cole typically handles the stress pretty well. By listening to music or taking a break from it all, she can easily calm herself down and get back to work. She knows that when there is a break in between her various activities, she can take time and do her homework. A full schedule and difficult classes such as honors chemistry and anatomy and physiology require management. 

“I’d say I could study a little bit more,” said Cole. “But if I’m confused, I like to go in and ask for more help to get the concepts down.” 

Her plans for after high school are to attend college, majoring in the medical field (pre-med) in hopes of  becoming a doctor. Her favorite Cody High memory is homecoming because of everyone’s participation in the event.  

“Being a student at Cody High has shaped me to be more outgoing and social,” said Cole. 

Cole’s piece of advice for incoming or current freshman is to “participate in everything because you’re going to miss it when it’s gone.”