The Outbreaking Origin of the Daily Doorman


Jake Sandvik

Gould’s instagram account: the_daily_doorman

In high school, in this day and age, positivity can be hard to come by. 

Several students at Cody High School have recently been followed by the Instagram account thedailydoorman. The account is a positivity/motivation page meant to make people encouraged and smile curated by HMA senior Logan Matthew Gould. Many CHS students know Gould as “that guy that holds the door open in the morning,” but it seems as if Logan has evolved this high school level superhero-like persona into a new phase. 

“Over the six months I was gone due to my cyst in my spine where people did nice things for me ‘cause I couldn’t do them for myself like hold the door, pick up everything for me, just little things that made me smile” said Gould. “I always already had to grow up caring for my older sister who had autism, and so I always already had to care for people and it just extended into my normal life.” 

The Instagram account from an idea Gould had while hanging out with some friends late at night. “I enjoy taking photos” said Gould “why don’t I just create an Instagram account where I try and post some words of motivation for everyone to get through the day, and connect it to the whole doorman situation.”

Gould, who describes himself as “Just a regular nerd” seems very passionate about his works of kindness and has high hopes for the Instagram account he has created. 

“I’m trying to get the whole school eventually, just getting them to smile” said Gould “I hope to accomplish just, being that one thing everyday, kinda like just the doorman in general, but to a wider audience.” 

While CHS sees Gould as a source of positive energy, he will admit he has flaws. However, it seems logical that someone who helps people would have negative elements to their life that makes them the light they are. 

“Generally I’m not great at talking to people. Yes, I seem crazy, but I have the hardest time keeping a conversation with someone new, it’s one of the reasons why I was such a bad cashier at work,” said Gould. “I can’t talk to people really well, so the doorman thing is just an easier way to make people smile, ‘cause you don’t have to talk to people.”

As for Gould’s future, he plans to continue his generosity when he goes to college and give the Daily Doorman cape to an incoming freshman to continue his job.

As for this year, however, Gould will continue to be everyone’s favorite doorman, showing kindness and giving smiles.