What if we led a Trump cheer at a Holocaust Assembly… I’M JOKING I’M JOKING…. Unless

Simone Golhirsch Salens fathers diary edited and interpreted by her. A miraculous escape from the the holocaust.

Simone Golhirsch Salen’s fathers diary edited and interpreted by her. “A miraculous escape from the the holocaust.”

In a 1939 article from The New Yorker about the early Holocaust, the conditions were described as “shocking: flu and lice outbreaks were going untreated, and children were filthy, sleeping on cold floors, and taking care of one another because of the lack of attention from guards.” Another article from The Atlantic written at the time expressed that “children were dirty, they were scared, and they were hungry.” ‘The children are terrified,’ they said, ‘Every one of those family units was torn apart by the government.’ 


Oops, forgive me, I made a mistake. Those weren’t written about the Holocaust, those were written about the immigrant children put in cages by President Trump and his team earlier this year, silly me! I guess those two things are easily confused  After all, they are in a way very similar. Wow, what if a Holocaust survivor supported such an establishment!? I’m joking, I’m joking…… unlessssss. 


All jokes aside, if you support Trump, that’s generally fine by me. I may not agree completely, but my arrogant days of screaming into the faces of Republicans for who they support are over. However, there comes a time in every retired “hero’s” journey when they must rise again for only a short period of time. 


On Friday, Oct 11, Holocaust survivor Simone Salen was the speaker at  an assembly at Cody High School. The assembly was rather pointless, as she didn’t really give any information on the event that a person with common knowledge would not already know. She was only part of the atrocities for four months as an infant child. Of course, this is still terrible, but to give yourself the public label of “survivor” I believe you should actually have a memorable experience in the event you survived. She admitted she got all of her information only from Anne Frank and her dad’s diary and didn’t really tell us anything most of us didn’t already know during the assembly. So, basically, we all could have given pretty much the same assembly. The only part we maybe couldn’t have done ourselves is to perform the blatant hypocrisy that Salen carried out around midway through the presentation. 


During the question and answer  portion of the assembly, a student asked if she thought the current comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler were fair. This was a completely legitimate and good question. The answer, on the other hand, was not. She started preaching about how Donald Trump was a great man, and literally said that “hE cArEs AbOuT eVeRy SiNgLe PeRsOn’S sUcCeSs!” This is completely not true. While I’m not going to  go around throwing labels on Trump like “racist” and “fascist” because it’s not my place to put such things on him, I will dare you to try and tell one of the Mexican children being put in cages that. After her blatant comment, , she yelled “AND HE’S GONNA WIN AGAIN!” and the entire audience erupted into applause. This inappropriately turned an “educational” event into a political rally, which should have been shut down instantly by the school, but I digress. 


Initially, this just made me upset, but as I began to think about it more in-depth, I started to become regrettably and overly infuriated. Here’s the thing. To lead an assembly about the atrocities of the Holocaust, and preach about how “it was so terrible” and “we should never let anything like it happen again,” but then lead an audience cheer in support of a president who has put men, women, and children in cages is not okay. I don’t care if “Obama built the cages” or if “They came into America illegally” or if Hillary had an email account, it’s happening and it’s not okay. If they came in illegally, this is not a fair punishment, and instead of “fixing” the immigrants, we should fix the incredibly flawed immigration system. If you disagree with me on this, you need Jesus. 


Even if Salen does agree that this problem is indeed a problem, she should not have publically labeled herself as a supporter. Without mentioning her thoughts specifically on the cages incident, she associated herself in support of the incident regardless of how she personally feels. The cages situation is basically a watered-down Holocaust. It’s of course not as bad, but it’s in the same bubble, just written in smaller font. 


I seriously considered confronting her about it, either after the assembly or as part of the Q&A, but I procrastinated too long. I really should have though. I say this to defend myself if anyone reading this thinks to themselves “why is he hiding behind a screen when talking about this?” I know I should have confronted her face-to-face.I waited too long, and that’s my bad. Hey, at least I’m thinking about what my audience is thinking, unlike others. 


This was not okay. I forgive her for offending me. I have stopped being angry about it, but I needed to say something. Hopefully she reads this, and maybe then we can have a discussion. In conclusion, this was highly hypocritical on her part, and I pray she considers these things for the future. My condolences to all the atrocities her family, and others like her family went through. It is truly terrible, and I sincerely hope nothing like this ever  happens again.