Middle School Introduces Kagan


The Kagan seat layout found in Mrs. Raines room.

Cody Middle School recently jumped on board the Kagan bandwagon.

Many Overall, CMS teachers are impressed with students’ openness to cooperative learning. Only time will tell how effective it will be at the middle school. While some teachers haven’t quite been able to see results in the classroom yet, others have, English Teacher Pam Jackson is a perfect example, “my students have readily embraced the structures that I’ve used in my English classes.” 

The effectiveness of this new learning strategy not only is placed in the students’ hands, but the teachers too. “In order to have success with this program school wide there has to be a lot of buy in from all of the teachers,” said Social Studies Teacher Travis Duncan. It’s Duncan’s impression that many teachers are excited about the possibility of improving student achievement through Kagan.

Even with the encouragement of a new teaching style being placed on teachers nearly a semester in, the change has been relatively simple. Science Teacher Richard Davis is one of those teachers, “I have traditionally used a lot of cooperative learning strategies in class in the form of lab partners so the changes have been fairly minor.”

With the implementation of Kagan in the middle school, next year’s incoming  Freshmen will already be familiar with the cooperative learning structures before even stepping foot into the high school.. 

Teachers are slated for another Kagan training in January and most are excited to see what it has to offer. Duncan said, “there’s no doubt in my mind that these little changes in the way we approach group work will improve student learning.”