Back to the 90’s

Gus Birky and Riley Smith rock 90’s style in art class

We all thought the days of scrunchies and all the hit 90s fashions were cashed, or maybe we were all just bugg’n.

Such 90s fashion making its way back include mini backpacks, crop tops, skate brands, neon, tie dye, and the infamous scrunchies.

Crop tops are cute and come in many styles like hoody, tank top, and anything else that designers can get their grubby hands on. Sadly, schools have banned this hot fashion. Showing midriffs are, in the eyes of school administration, inappropriate. There is a way to combat the inappropriate nature of crop tops without getting in trouble: high waisted jeans!

High waisted jeans are one of the greatest comebacks of the century. Though people have been wearing them for a long time, they just recently came back into fashion. Girls don’t have to worry about hiding anything because the jeans do it for them. 

There are also overalls! (Also known to the older generation as kiddyholders or bibs). For those who think that everything should be covered by denim, overalls are fun and stylish because of how childish they are. There are many ways to wear them too, with one strap unbuttoned, both unbuttoned, or just buttoned. It’s a cute fashion choice that shows your inner kid!

Windbreakers or baggy jackets have also made a comeback in recent years.  These jackets may be neutral and plain or colorful and ornate in style. Bright jackets are a focal point for many outfits as they bring a completed look together, plus not to mention the certain vibrance they remind us of from the pigmented 90’s.

While the year itself cannot return, but we do really rock the fashion that it has provided us.