Bronc Football Team Stays Victorious Despite Adversity


Abby Klessons

At the homecoming game, on Sept. 27, Devon Brown, number 5, reaches for the ball.

The Bronc Football Team currently sits with a 6-1 record. 

According to Coach Matt McFadden, the team takes it one game at a time. While there have been hiccups, the team is improving each week. 

“We’re building these kids up physically in the weight room, mentally with leadership training, and stuff like that, then we just let them play, McFadden said. “We let them be the athletes they are, let them go win the game.”  

McFadden credits the senior class to being the glue that holds the team together, leading the team and building camaraderie between through the challenges that have risen. This year, there are 14 seniors and three of them are injured.  

“That [the injuries] is very hard, especially when they are a senior. My heart goes to them,” said McFadden. “I think the team has a next-man-up mentality, and we’ve had some new kids come up and learn on the fly.” According to him, injured players have done a great job helping with coaching, they sort of took on a coaching role. Overall he’s impressed with the student athletes. 

Senior Hayden Bronnenberg tore his ACL, MCL and partially tore his meniscus. He is hoping to be back playing by the Oct. 25 Green River game. 

“It’s been rough watching the team go on without me, but I’m just doing everything I can to support them,” said Bronnenberg. 

As a senior, its especially hard to have injuries. There are only 11 games per season, so the seniors’ final highschool football experience flies by. 

“I’m really proud of them. I haven’t had time to reflect yet. I will after the season, but right now I enjoy coaching them,” said McFadden “They’re good human beings. They’re becoming fine young men. It will be exciting to see what they become later in life.”