Bring Your Bible to School Day


Students with their bibles at lunch.

Bring your bible to school day started after the Saints quarterback, Drew Brees, encouraged his fans and others as a way to celebrate religious freedom with their friends and/or classmates.  The participation of this event is voluntary. Some of the students at school spread the word by using social media to inform other students to bring their bibles to school. 

The word spread to a few students who attend the Cody Missionary Alliance Church, and immediately they knew they wanted to bring the event to our school. Their purpose was to show a message to others. 

“Sharing the love of Jesus with other people, representing the truths of the Bible, not having to be afraid of what other people think of what we believe in, and being able to come together,” said Junior Nyah Meier. 

Many students used social media such as Instagram and Snapchat to convey the message among other students. The CMA youth ministry Instagram account ran by sophomore Raelyn Mong, and the freshman Niemann triplets, posted a video on their stories about it. They informed others that if they brought their Bibles during lunch, they would receive free pizza. 

“We wanted it to be open to anyone who wanted to listen and be apart of the conversation during lunch. We brought the pizza because we felt we could all eat as a community while being together and having fun,” said Kennedi Niemann. 

Cody High School school has been very accommodating with this event. “You are allowed to bring your Bible to school but not allowed to disrupt class,” said Meier. Around 35 people participated in this event, and like Mong, other CMA attendees hope to hold this event again in the future and all come together as a Christain community.