Pros and Cons of School Dances


Senior, Bobby Brenner, took a cardboard cut-out of Danny Devito to the Homecoming dance on Sept.28


School dances are the place of semi-formal attire, loud music, and opportunities to hang with friends, all in all the most fun time of a young adult’s life.

Dressing up is just one of the many things that people may look forward to for these teenage escapades. Having a reason to dress up for something other than sports allows them to feel fancy, even if for only a few hours, without being in class wearing formal attire.  Suspenders, sparkles, bowties, velvet and high heels can be pretty fun to wear.

Donning a face painted with makeup to class might not be everyone’s definition of fun, but during a dance, some girls and boys find enjoyment with this tradition.

The music can keep the mood up for at least a couple hours. It’s upbeat and people groove to the rhythm of the song, often forcing their friends to jump in with them so as to not embarrass themselves alone on the dance floor. 

Dancing or hanging with friends is one of the greatest aspects of going to a school dance. Holding a conversation can be a bit difficult on the dance floor, but there are quieter areas all around so people can enjoy the music and cha with their friends for most of the dance. After all, the dance floor is a place for jamming, not chitter-chattering with your homies. 

I know that many students don’t like going to the dances, but it’s a really important social experience for teens and pre-teens. Going to school for something not really school-related boosts a ton of moral and gets students out of their comfort zones. 

Just imagine your next school dance. Will you be the one taking a cardboard cutout of Danny Devito or will you be the one staying home in your sweatpants? 



Most would say that school dances such as homecoming are fun and enjoyable, however,  from my standpoint that is simply not true. Dances are full of loud, sweaty, obnoxious people standing way too close to each other. 

With everyone yelling at each other in order to be heard over the blaring music which most times isn’t even all that good, it’s not hard to get a migraine, if not a pounding headache by the end of the night. 

After the pounding headaches, pile on a load of fumes overloading all five senses. The sweaty students, the spilled punch, and the other stray scents scattered about tends to be too much for some. 

Who even wants to come to school for another three-or-so hours after sitting through eight or more hours of classes? The dance eats up the entire weekend! Even though some students have a pile of homework, they spend the majority of the day doing hair, makeup, and other pointless tasks to get ready for a dance they probably won’t even remember in 30 years.

Once you add in the awkward ways people ask others to dance, particularly during the slow dances, and the social pressure on the invitee forcing them to say ‘yes,’ bringing a date is just another unnecessary stressor. 

The pressure of dressing up in clothes that cost more than the new IPhone 11, clothes that will only be worn once or twice, is like a weight on a teenager’s shoulders. 

Honestly, I’d rather stay home and cuddle with my friends while eating Skittles and watching dumb shows on Netflix.