New Librarian at CHS


Andy Mcleod, the new librarian, reads a book in the Cody High School library.

Behind the desk at the library sits a familiar face to most students. Andi Mcleod, the Academic Librarian, may have helped in checking a book out.   

McLeod worked for the past seven years at the Livingston School Library. “I was ready for a change,” she said. “ I just had many different opportunities, but I knew that I still wanted to be in the library system because I believe that libraries are such wonderful assets to our schools.”

Her job may appear to be a rather simple one, organizing hundreds of different books by category is quite difficult.

Mcleod first studied elementary education when she attended college. Her background in that field has helped her to quickly fit into the role of a librarian. “I’ve always loved to work with kids. Older or younger, It really doesn’t matter to me,” she said. 

Mcleod’s favorite part of her job is communicating with every single student that steps foot into the library.  She looks forward to all of the daily conversations that await her. 

“I’ve known her ever since I was little because Logan and I would play baseball every summer. I still see her a lot. Like when I go to the library to check out books or over to his house to play baseball,” Freshman Dominic Phillips said. “She is one of my favorite teachers that I have ever had. I like her a lot.”

Mcleod wants all children to have a voice and it’s through conversations like those she has had with Phillips that she is able to provide students with this.

“I’ve listened to teenagers, and I’ve found out that they are actually very cool kids. There really aren’t any kids that I’ve run into that are ‘jerks.’ Everyone here is just so polite,” she said. “I think that if you give kids respect, they will give you that respect back. It’s an important part of life.”

Mcleod is not only a librarian, but she is also a mother too. 

“Truly, I am very involved in my children’s lives. Being a mom is my number one priority, and it has been for the past 20 years!” 

One of her favorite pastimes is watching baseball games and attending her kids’ parent-teacher conferences. And it’s no surprise as a librarian she has an affinity for books. She’s an avid reader of non-fiction and loves anything that is a true story or a biography.

“There is a section in our library that is called ‘It’s True.,’” she said. I really love the book The Devil in the White City about the Chicago World Fair,” Mcleod said.