Recycling at CHS is About to Change

National Honor Society members are no longer solely responsible for picking up recycling bins at the end of each week. 

Thanks to funds from a proposal put together by Senior Dillon Romero and from the student community account, Cody High School will now have recycling bins at the ends of hallways and in the mall. 

The cost of the recycle containers was between $500 and $700. The money came from the student community account. Principal Jeremiah Johnston explained the account can be used to benefit students and comes from the sales of vending machine drinks. 

Johnston felt as if Romero’s proposal was a good one. 

The purpose behind the proposal was to make it everyone’s responsibility to recycle. 

“When the school hopefully takes it over then the idea of recycling and making an effort towards the environment will be something engrained in everybody’s mind and not just the people on the committee,” said Senior Meg Burkhart. 

While individuals and teachers are now responsible for emptying their own classroom containers, National Honors Society will still empty the large bins once a week.

The change will give all students the opportunity to participate actively in recycling.