CHS Drama Department Conquers Two Plays Instead of One

Photo courtesy of @codydramaclub on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of @codydramaclub on Instagram.

You may have thought that choosing the script for a drama production is as easy as plucking out the dialogue for Mulan or Les Miserables, but is it really that simple?

  On Nov. 9, the Cody High School drama department will put on Eric Coble’s adaptation of The Giver, starring Sophomore Justin Wiegand as Jonas, Senior Jake Sandvik as The Giver, and Senior Sam Bogerdus as Fiona. Following this, there will be a team performing the state drama one-act The Hundred Dresses starring Junior Alyssa Christensen as Maddie, Sophomore Sabrina Stowell as Peggy, and Sophomore Miriam Horton as Wanda Petronski.

 “Choosing a script takes a lot of thought,” Drama director Annamarie Victor said. “Every director has a different method, but for me, it came down to finding a piece that the actors could feel good about performing and something that was equal parts challenging and fun.”

Despite numerous complications with last year’s productions, the drama department is still a popular place. 

 “It’s a nice community,” Horton said. “Drama is just superior to every other community.”

  Horton is not alone when she says that drama is a great group to be a part of. Senior Emmalee Beardall, an understudy in The Hundred Dresses, loves drama because it is an avenue for her to be her “extroverted self,” allowing her to show her true colors to her audience. 

  Most students join drama for the chance to play someone different than themselves such as Freshman Joseph Killpack, cast as Asher in The Giver. “I thought it would be good practice to be someone else, so I thought if I ever got in trouble, I could lie about it and get away with it,” he said. 

 Along with the seemingly infinite struggle of finding something everyone would enjoy, Victor had to be able to cast enough people to make the production a possibility, and find a play people, both the audience and the cast, would connect with. 

Despite the difficulties of choosing just one production, Victor is excited about the two plays in the works this year. “Some people might think that two shows at one time is a crazy idea. However, it makes perfect sense to me,” she said. The state drama piece is a one-act and requires a lot of technical understanding of theater and character creation to be successful at competition; the fall play is centered around a few very dynamic characters and special effects that take us from black and white to full color. These are aspects that can be worked on simultaneously. There is never a dull moment but it will be well worth it when Cody High School has two amazing productions this fall.”