Community Joins Hands to Help Local Team

When tragedy hits, Park county residents band together to help those in need. In just a matter of weeks, thousands of dollars have been raised for Powell Senior Ethan Asher and his family. 

The Cody Enterprise reported that while driving to school on his second day, Asher lost control of his truck, rolling several times. Without a seatbelt, he was ejected from his vehicle.  He was then airlifted from Powell to Billings, Montana. According to a post on Facebook from Asher’s mom, he severed his spinal cord and suffered trauma to his brain. 

Asher’s story has become extremely popular on social media. The hashtag #EthanStrong is more prominent, especially over the lastfew weeks with posts on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and VSCO. Swimmers, cross country runners, and pep band members have all posted pictures of “Ethan Strong” covering their arms, backs, and legs  Sharpie to show their support of him and his story at their events. Asher’s mom has also made a Facebook page called #EthanStrong with almost 4,000 people in the group.  

he community has raised $29,900 for the family after only one home football game in Powell, according to a post from Greg Wise on Facebook. Cheyanne Higgs also reported Riverton  raised $6,500 in eight hours, Jaclyn Haire, a recent graduate of Powell High School, raised around $700 by selling bracelets that say “EthanStrong” on them. “I didn’t hesitate to do this because I knew he was going to need to constant prayers. The bracelets are something that people can wear 24/7 and look down to pray for his healing,”  Haire said. 

During Cody High School’s home scrimmage, the crowd raised nearly $850. According to Enterprise, “The Ohana Shave Ice truck got in on the kindness as well, raising $2,160 while selling treats outside of Blair’s Supermarket. Powell resident Scott Heny then threw in another $2,000.” Surrounding towns and states have all pitched in to help the family in their own unique ways. Fundraisers and raffles have been held by many businesses in the Big Horn Basin and state. “Cody High School thank you. He will be seeing these when he wakes up! Much love to you all for caring and praying for us,” said Asher’s mom in a recent Facebook post