West in Wyoming


Junior, Gus Birky, photographed with West outside Cody Steak House on Sept.10 in Cody Wyoming “Doing it to Em.” “Meeting him was very surreal. We caught him after he was done eating, and he was very nice and respectful,” said Birky.

Musician Kanye West has finally put the western in his last name. Recently Kanye West purchased a ranch in Cody for 14 million dollars according to The Cody Enterprise. Yes 14 million dollars. You read that right. 

West might be in for a surprise making his home in Cody. He was born in Georgia and then later moved to Chicago, possibly the most unwestern place in the entire United States. Chicago is high on gun violence which West is used to seeing. The only ‘gun violence’ in Wyoming is hunting accidents.

I’m not the only one with this opinion about keeping the west authentically wild. One passionate Cody Enterprise reader on Facebook said “Keep LA out of Wyoming.” But would West bring Los Angeles to Wyoming or would he bring cowboy culture to Los Angeles? West was seen traveling all around town from the Boot Barn to Proud Cut Saloon, he’s been everywhere, perhaps trying to figure out this cowboy lifestyle. Rumor has it he’s even gone as far to say he wants his kids to ride bulls and barrel race in the rodeo. 

Maybe it’s not that I don’t want West in Wyoming. Maybe it’s that I’m jealous I haven’t seen him yet… Nope that’s definitely not the problem here. I think Jackson would be a more fitting home for the rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian West. Cody folks would say that’s not a true part of Wyoming anyway. Plus they have filmed Keeping up with the Kardashians in Jackson before and it went over just fine. In Cody, something tells me that would be a different story. No one wants to be filmed, no one  really cares about what Kim is up to.

Kardashian West fans seem to have a different take on it. Assuming West is living here because Wyoming has no state income tax, meaning when a person gets their paycheck the state isn’t going to take any money from them, only the federal government. If that’s the reason this Hollywood couple came here, West and his counterpart are one smart duo.