Uber Revs Up Summer Transportation


An advantage of the modern era is convenience, an idea embodied by Uber. When Uber hit the scene in 2009, it broke boundaries. Now, almost 10 years later, Cody seems to be catching onto that trend.

Cody has always had transportation. Whether it be the “Cody Cab,” or the “Tipsy Taxi,” long time residents have never had an issue getting around. But tourists may be becoming more dependent on Uber and other app services.

Cody resident and local Uber driver Cathy Roes thinks so. She signed up through the app a little over a year ago, although she doesn’t do too much driving during the year. She chalks this up to her busy schedule and the subdued activity of Cody off-season. “I think the fares will pick up during the summer, as many travelers are used to using Uber as a first choice for a safe ride home,” she said.

To become an Uber driver, a person must sign up on the app. This requires a mandatory background check, and perspective drivers must also follow strict requirements. Hopeful Uber employees must be 21 or older, and must have four or more doors on their car.

Although locals might be used to other methods of transport, the rise of Uber is hard to ignore. Roes would like to see more Uber drivers come to Cody. For her, there’s no lack of need for summer conveyance. “I don’t feel any competition, and I suppose I don’t view it that way. I am happy to see my friends get home safe, or have someone to pick them up when they need hand.”

Uber costs start at a base of $1 per mile, although can go up to $2 in the city. According to Uber’s price calculator, a trip from one side of Cody to the other can cost anywhere between $20-$30.

As tourist season approaches, the rise of Uber in the mind of urban visitors is an important thing to consider.