High School Student to Serve as Board Trustee

Last month Cody High School decided they wanted to have a student representative on the school board. The job would include going to monthly meetings, offering student opinions, and submitting a summary of insights from the high school.

The purpose of this role is to give students more representation. “It would be valuable to have student insight on the board,” said CHS Student council advisor Ryan Beardall. “Sometimes they aren’t seeing the teacher/student perspective, so in order to get that information and to get a little bit deeper knowledge of what’s going on in the school, they [the school board] feel like a student trustee would be a valuable thing.”

Although the student will have numerous responsibilities, the student will not be able to vote. They can, however, lobby in support of their opinion. This student trustee can’t have a say in sensitive topics such as the suspension of or removal of staff and teachers.

Student council selected Danny Deming on April 17 to serve as CHS trustee.  

This position is slated to begin this fall and will continue indefinitely. For further questions or information, contact Mr. Beardall at [email protected].