CMS To Produce Mulan Jr


On April 26th at 7 pm and April 27th at 2 and 7 pm, the Cody Middle School will be producing the play “Mulan Junior.” The hour and forty-five-minute performance will take place in the commons of CMS and cost $10 for entry. CMS teachers, Anissa Bree and Sean Murray, are co-directing the play.

When it came to choosing which play the middle school wanted to host, many options were discussed, but “Mulan” was the most cost-efficient choice. “Plenty of work has been put into the play,” Bree said, “but the most important part is having fun.”

The cast consists of 34 students, and practices take place during fifty-minute enrichments on Mondays and Fridays after school. During these rehearsals, students learn their scripts, rehearse the music, block the scenes, and construct costumes.

Parents and other teachers partake in rehearsal activities as well. “The students are doing a great job keeping up and learning their lines,” Bree said, “the set design is coming together great as well. It is simplistic yet beautiful.” There are many creative and unique costumes being fashioned, but Bree’s favorite so far is the dragon costume “It’s fabulously awesome,” she said.

“Mulan” will be played by Ciya Krei, Sara Murray as Mushu, Jace Grant as Shang, Elijah Cook as the Emperor, Tiegan Blane as Ling, Mia Mckmin as Quian Po, Rainey Powell as Yao, and Sierra Strunk as Shan Yu.