School Schedule Alterations


Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

Starting next week, the regular school schedule will be altered to a longer, more efficient and effective schedule. School will now start at 5:30 am and will end at 5:30 pm, copying a European tradition. This clearly will be seen as an inconvenience but will help with financial burdens as well as the learning burden put on by Trimesters.

School board member, Joe King said “Trimesters are a plus, but aren’t allowing teachers to teach the students enough information in such a small amount of time. Thursdays will still have late start at 5:45 am and early release will still occur on Fridays at 5:29 pm.”

Spring break is also being changed. King stated “The break will start at 5:28 pm on the Friday before, until 5:30 am the Monday after. Essentially, the longest weekend they have all year long by about a minute.”

“Christmas is another issue we have had to resolve.” King continues, “They will have to stay until about 11:00 pm on the 24th, and come back at around 2:00 am on the 26th. This changed schedule will help us a little with the time lost for Christmas Day.”

King mentioned that his colleagues were not aware of how many changes they would have to implement with the European style. “Summers are two days long now, these kids should count their blessings.” He said, “If they were in the country of origin, they wouldn’t even get a freaking hour for summer.”

The school board will be taking comments about the subject at their next meeting. All concerns must be sent prior to the meeting to King, [email protected], with the subject “April Fools.”