School Decides to Just Ban The Whole Library


Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

A unanimous school board decision last week is about to change the face of Cody High School forever. Coming in the 2019-2020 school year, every single book in the library will be considered “banned.” In an effort to remain non-partisan, however, the books will not be removed from circulation. Instead, the bookshelves will be fitted with glass, which is intended to keep the information available to the students without the bias. Students will be able to see the titles and only the titles.

“I was just so tired of the library being brought up in every single meeting,” School board trustee Joe King said. “So I said why not just ban the whole darn thing.”

Because of this change, the KEC policy is up for removal. This decision will be discussed at next Tuesday’s meeting. The school is also deciding how much of the budget to allocate to the “don’t touch the books” sign. The number is currently between two and four billion.

“I mean, there are ups and downs to this situation,” said school librarian Paige Reeder. “I certainly don’t believe in banning books, but this does make my job a lot easier.”

King only had one thing to say to CHS Bonfire reporters. “Happy April Fool’s Day.”