School Bells Changing to “Iconic Tik Toks”


Last Tuesday, Principal Jeremiah Johnston stated that he is changing the passing bell within the next month. The bells will be changed to iconic Tik Tok sound clips. Johnston said “I just want to be more hip and cool and be able to connect with the kids better. And I know this change will make them happy and like coming to school more. The last time the bell was changed, students were a little skeptical but came to like them better.”

EmRee Johnston, freshman, said, “When I first heard my dad talking about changing the bells to Tik Tok videos, I thought it would be dumb at first. Then I changed my mind and figured that students would think it was funny and would want to hear the next bells between classes.”

Abby Klessens, freshman, thinks that the changing of the bells will be more distracting for the kids “I think that students will abuse the use of funny bells, students aren’t quite mature enough to appreciate this opportunity to have something fun between classes.”

Senior Mark Bullerdick is excited for the change. “My favorite Tik Tok is the “Hit or Miss” one,” he said. “I really hope they use that one.”

Principal Johnston then goes further into detail about the changing of the bells. “After a little bit of having the new bells, I will let some of the students choose the bell for a day. I think giving them this privilege they will give them maturity.”

After the board passes the new bells, the change will be made on April 15th.