Wynona Thompson Auditorium Receives Funding for Tech

Long Awaited Lighting and Sound Update Becoming a Reality


The last time the Wynona Thompson got new equipment was 11 years ago, although not all of it was replaced. The equipment kept was under warranty, but since that update, the equipment has become worn out and outdated.

The idea of updating the system is not a new one.“We were told we would have until 2020 to replace our wireless equipment. Unfortunately, we experienced interference sooner than that predicted time frame,” said superintendent Ray Schulte. “Typically we address major structural items first such as roofs, flooring, lighting, and heating and cooling systems.”

Obtaining replacement funds is difficult because it has to be approved, which takes time, since it is not allotted in the yearly budget. 

Brad Thyng, WTA Tech Director, explained that during each production, there is always a probability that the equipment may not work. The new system will not only prevent problems but save time and effort. 

The cost of the equipment was a major factor into why it hasn’t yet been acquired. ”The wireless sound system will cost roughly $52,000, the curtain replacement will cost about $11,000, and the light and sound board upgrade is estimated to cost $100,000,” Schulte said. 

The new renovations, expected to last for at least the next decade, will be finished by the end of this month and be fully functional at the beginning of next year.