CHS Senior Receives STARR Scholarship


Senior Kathleen Farmer smiles poses in her Michigan State T-shirt. Taken by Emmie Baker.

Kat Farmer, senior at Cody High School, is the seventh student to receive the Michigan State STARR Scholarship which has been offered at the high school for over a decade.

Farmer mentioned the application process was very lengthy and time-consuming, “I started the scholarship in September, and I didn’t hear back until the end of January.”

When students are applying for the four-year full ride to Michigan State, Farmer stated that applicants first need to apply to the University itself, before taking the time in completing scholarships.

The scholarship requires four essays and three letters of recommendation. While this is only the first phase of this process, students will then get a letter regarding their acceptance or a phone call of further interest in the applicant.

After the hour-long interview with an admissions panel, Farmer stated that students will proceed by getting another phone call regarding the acceptance into the University or a letter containing the heading, “We regret to inform you.”

Farmer also stated she had applied to three other colleges around and in Wyoming, but Michigan State will be the college from which she earns her undergraduate degree. “I am ready for something new along with new opportunities,” she explained

Farmer’s advice to future applicants: “Don’t embellish your essays, write your honest thoughts. During your interview, make sure to get comfortable and be yourself.”