More Burgers and Shakes: Best Burger in Town, Even Better Fries


Late last year, More Burgers and Shakes opened up in the building which previously housed Ancho’s Mexican restaurant. Under the same owner as Ancho’s, More has already made quite the profit in its relatively short lifespan, so we here at CHS Bonfire decided to give More the old college try and let you know if it’s worth your time and money.

When you walk into More, you are immediately greeted with the smell of cooked burgers and frying oil. The restaurant is small and bright with light flooding in from all sides. The serving counter is immediately to your left and you’re guided to the register by a roped-off line. The servers greet you with a smile and are quick to take your order, deal your change, and get you on your way to eating. Unlike other burger places, More is clean; the floors are clear of discarded wrappers, the chairs aren’t littered with mystery-stains and wear-and-tear, and the tables and counters aren’t covered in a fine layer of grease. Overall, More seems to show more pride in itself and have more respect for its customers than even some of the bigger restaurants in town.

Onto the part that really matters: is the food good? Simply put, More is the best burger you’ll get in Cody. Unlike other joints in town, More’s food is consistently good and reasonably priced given it’s quality. I ordered the More Special burger, which is loaded to the brim with beef, cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions, and More’s special sauce. The burgers there are cooked well, taste great, and leave you happy and full. The only problems with More’s burgers, are challenges faced by every enjoyer of grilled beef: sometimes the juice from the patty destroys the bottom bun and sometimes a piece onion or tomato might fall out of the sandwich mid-bite. These problems are unavoidable with America’s favorite food unless you buy a small, compact, and relatively tasteless burger from a fast food chain.

Even more satisfying than the burger were More’s zucchini fries and a chocolate shake. As far as the shake goes, it was fantastic – granted it’s hard to go wrong with a milkshake. Just like any good shake, More’s is sweet, rich, and one of the best shakes in town, rivalled only by a malt from Peter’s. Finally, the zucchini fries. Going in I didn’t know what to expect from deep fried strips of zucchini, but I was delightfully surprised to find that they were the hand’s down best part of the meal. The zucchini fries were delicious, unique, and probably the best thing I’ve eaten in Cody in a while. Dip them in ranch and you’ve got a flavor-packed sucker punch of deep fried squash.

More Burgers and Shakes is a welcome addition to the Cody array of restaurants and is probably going to explode once tourist season kicks in. So, if you’re looking for something to eat for lunch or afterschool, head on down and get yourself a burger and a shake from More Burgers and Shakes.