Third Times the Charm for CHS’s Spring Musical


Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

On a recent Friday afternoon the drama club met with school administration about their spring musical Working and its alleged issues. The musical had explicit language and referenced prostitution, and due to that, it was decided the musical would change.

“You know lots of f-words throughout and having high schoolers stand up in a school play representing our school. It’s not the best choice of language for highschool students to be using,” said principal Jeremiah Johnston.

Students have mixed opinions about the musical change, but overall the change sets back the drama club in rehearsals about four weeks.

Sophomore Liberty Laing was in favor of the proposed musical alternative. 

“It is sad and a little stressful for us, but I think the musical should never have been picked in the first place,” said Laing. “I was excited about the old musical until we read through it in the first practice. Then I realized it was not appropriate in any way.”

Laing agreed with other students and administration that if they changed the profanity, the musical would have lost its meaning. Laing decided not to be a part of the new musical.

“I kind of lost the enthusiasm, and it was a hard decision. But I’ll probably try out next year,” said Laing.

Junior Jake Sandvik is more opposed to the musical being changed. He brought up how the new show, Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know, is driven more by plot and not just characters set in their individual scenes. This means there will be more rehearsals the whole cast will be required to attend, and with less rehearsal time, this could pose an issue. They also can’t change the date they perform.

“I am only upset with the school. I really wish they would have seen it through instead of saying ‘Ope, controversy. Got to cancel our show,’” said Sandvik. “I wish they would have tried to see it in a different light and look at it with an open-minded perspective because this is extremely unfair.”

The Drama Club also considered the musical Zombie Prom, but due to inappropriate content, it was shut down as well by the school administration.

“I definitely feel like picking a new musical is good. I’m glad that picking a new musical happened in such a short amount of time. I’m glad it didn’t take weeks and I was worried it would,” said Sandvik.

According to Johnston, Activities Director Tony Holt bought the club the new scripts for the replacement musical.

“Plays and musicals, a lot of times, cover controversial topics. It wasn’t that there was controversy toward the musical, it was more that it was inappropriate for the age group we were in charge of,” said Holt.

“…And this was all probably my fault as the supervisor of this activity. I just trust that everything’s good, but I found out about it later, and that’s my mistake. It is what it is, and we’re going to be alright,” said Holt.

According to Holt, the Drama coach choose Working because it had adequate rolls for every student and Holt “honors” that.

“We had a great discussion [on Friday] and every student was open, and honestly I knew it wasn’t going to be a win-win situation,” said Holt.

You can see Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know this spring at Wynona Thompson Auditorium.