Crowded Ice Schedule Creates Conflict


As of 2018 both figure skaters and hockey players can now letter. Unlike most sports in Park County School District 6, figure skating and ice hockey have to vie for time on the ice at Victor J. Riley Arena.

Cody High School Sophomore Tashiya Mathuin has been figure skating since she was 8-years-old. To letter, there are many requirements. Skaters have to compete in the Absaroka Figure Skating Club Christmas Show, they must compete in one home and one away competition, and have among many other requirements.

CHS Junior Jackson Golden has been playing ice hockey since he was 9-years-old. He plays for the local youth team Ice Cats. “I think the lettering requirements are just to play hockey,” he said.

“I don’t know whole a lot about the conflicts we’ve had with hockey, but I know we’ve had them and usually it’s over ice time,” said Mathuin.

According to Mathuin there is no contention between the figure skaters and ice hockey players. In her words, “As a whole, hockey brings in a lot of the rink’s revenue, they have a lot more participants, and the Quake games bring in revenue.” There are more hockey teams than there are figure skating age groups.

Macey Reed, who has been skating since she was 3-years-old, mostly agreed. “Hockey gets more ice time which is fair because there are more hockey players. It does get annoying because we have to practice in the morning and they get to practice after school.”

Ice hockey is divided into nine teams while figure skating is divided into two groups, younger and older participants. In addition to these groups, the Yellowstone Quake Hockey Team practices and competes at Riley Arena.

Figure skaters have an ever-changing schedule to work around hockey schedules and their own competitions. For an accurate schedule look on the Riley Arena website here.

Both activities provide unique opportunities for youth in the Cody community.