Fillies Win First Home Game; Broncs Lose by Two


Ashley Alexander

Sophomore Torrie Schutzman dribbles down the court lookiing for an assist.

Friday night the Cody High Broncs and Fillies played basketball against rival teams Powell High School, resulting in a win for the girls and a loss for the boys.

Senior Paige Powell, who has been playing since second grade and grew to love the game more than any other sport out there, will show her talents at University of Wyoming in the fall. “It was great. The rivalry still hasn’t consumed me yet but they’re getting me into it, and it was super fun to get the win for those guys ‘cause they’ve been working for it for years,” Powell said after the game. She’s excited for what she can bring to the table for her basketball future, striving to help the freshman grow in their high school basketball careers. “They did an awesome job,” she said. Powell plans on continuing to help the freshman grow by giving them advice, being positive, and supporting their games.

Freshman Autumn Wilson got the opportunity to play in the varsity game. “It really was the most exciting moment ever,” she said. “I was so nervous but just knew I had to go out there and play my heart out, and that’s what I tried to do.” Like Powell, Wilson has been on the court from an early age.

While the Fillies earned a first season win, the game didn’t quite turn out the same for the Broncs, who lost to Powell by two points. “There were stretches where we could have been better,” Senior Elijah Leyva said. “We’re definitely  a young team.” Cody has few seniors but nearly all of Powell’s team was made up of seniors.

Ashley Alexander
Senior Elijah Levya looks for an open shot.

“Although we have a lot of younger players, we have the potential to grow our team to be great in the future,” Leyva said. “They’re starting to adapt, but it just takes time.”