Students Receive Honors at State Drama


Sam Hull

Drama students Luke Campbell, Kavan Johnson, Ben Wambeke and Courtney McVey prepare for their performances at State Drama.

Drama students from Cody High School recently attended state in Rock Springs during the first weekend of December.

Benjamin Wambeke, Kavan Johnston, Aili Roberson, Jake Sandvik, and Courtney McVey were awarded All State Awards on Dec 1. Hunt, the drama director at CHS stated, ¨In the world of theatre there are many roles to be played.¨

Drama consists of many individuals who bring different aspects to the stage, including performers, creative crew, technical crew, publicity, and of course the audience. Each student received different awards for Nationals. McVey received a varsity fantasy makeup award.

McVey said, ¨There are two categories of makeup – there’s fantasy and realistic and also different years.¨ This was McVey´s fourth year competing in this category.

Justin Wiegand was the only freshman who earned an Honorable Mention with Samantha Bogardus in their acting duet. Wiegand mentioned he was influenced to join the world of drama by his older sister, but explained how drama looked intriguing. Specifically, the long lasting friendships appealed to him, which allow students to show their peers a new perspective of themselves. He decided to get himself involved.

Missy Zierlein
Justin Wiegand poses for a photo after his make-up was done by peer Courtney McVey.

Hunt also mentions how drama has the capability of showing a level of confidence within students stating, “The work of drama/theatre is often about abandoning fear and putting yourself forward,” he said.  “When you can stand up in front of an audience of your peers or strangers dressed in clothing you’d personally never wear, saying lines that you never thought, and having to mean/personify them realistically, then you have learned a significant skill. Because if you can do all this while pretending to be someone else, imagine the power it will give to the real you?”

Students earn their confidence level by standing in front of hundreds of people they don’t know, while expressing an emotional aspect of a character who is unlike themselves. Drama can also lead a student to the growing industrial world of acting, while helping them develop collaborative skills.