Mamma Mia Features PCSD6 Students and Staff


Amos Olson

Cody High School Vice Principal Beth Blatt performs in Cody Community Theater's debut of Mama Mia!

 If you happened to make it to one of three performances of Cody Community Theatre’s (CCT) production of Mamma Mia! last weekend, you might have noticed some familiar faces. Among various community members and a plethora of Park County School District #6 (PCSD6) alumni, the stage was also laden with current students and staff. Involved in the show were Cody High School’s (CHS) staff members Beth Blatt, Wade French, Cindy Aune, CHS student Nathan Powers, Cody Middle School’s (CMS) staff members Sean Murray, Anissa Bree, Tammy Pearson-Horner, Maggie Kirkham, CMS student Miah McCarten, and Eastside Elementary School’s Emily Andrews.

Amos Olson

CMS 6th grade math teacher Sean Murray played Harry Bright, one of the main character, Sofie’s, three potential fathers. Murray had previous experience in theatre, taking part in drama in high school and was cast in CCT’s production of Beauty and the Beast as Maurice last year, which in his words, “rekindled [his] love of being on stage.” This experience in playing the “dad type” gave him the motivation to audition for this show. He recounts that “because not many ‘dad types’ auditioned, it didn’t take long to cast the three potential fathers. This was a popular show for female roles. Murray enjoyed having major student and staff involvement, commenting that “it’s fun to see the other side of people,” and had a positive take-away from the show. “This was more than just a little ‘hobby production,’ ” he said. “I have heard from friends all over the Basin who came to see it… They expected it to be good, but they were blown away.”

CHS Vice Principal Beth Blatt also had a very positive experience performing in the show. Although Blatt has a long background in singing, this was her first show with CCT. She was cast as Tanya, the secondary lead’s best friend and part of the singing trio “Donna and the Dynamos.” Even though she attempted to separate her theatre life from her professional life, she feels very excited at what this show has done by involving so many PCSD6 members. “People give us labels; You’re a student, you’re a vice principal, you’re a teacher,” she said. “We got to be something else to entertain the community, and I think that brings the community closer together.” She feels hopeful about performing in another production in the distant future, but is focused on the school right now, and says she’s “just happy [she] can say [she] was a Dynamo.”

CHS freshman Nathan Power found the process educational. “I was able to learn so much about the time and effort it takes to put an entire show together,” he said. He felt very supported by the community and especially by members of his school.  “I saw so many people after the show, and many people came up to me [afterwards],” Power said.

CCT has set their next show as Into The Woods. As of this moment, auditions are yet to be announced. There will be a pre-audition meeting at 6:30 in the CMS choir room on December 16 for anyone wishing to find further details on auditions.