Beauty in Washington

The MLK Memorial illuminates the dark night sky.
The Washington Monument is reflected in the water below.

By Cheyenne Hume


This summer I traveled two thousand miles

Boarded three planes and

Landed in Washington DC.


I was greeted by

50 smiling free-spirited faces

That made me feel at home.


Despite being surrounded by

Others just like me

I chose to be alone


I took in this week

As an individual
So every moment belonged

Just to me


I am a photographer

When I see beauty

I am blind to everything else


All my other senses shut off

In my line of vision is

Only what I chose to capture.


Night time in Washington is

Painfully beautiful

Streaks of pink and purple paint the sky


We visited the Lincoln Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial

The US Air Force Memorial


Those nights alone

Visiting towering statues

Are quiet memories only filled with images


There are times still

Where I can close my eyes

And see the Washington sky at night

that week brought change
inspired by investigation
alone in my own world of photography


The capitol was a sacred place

Full of grace and

204 loud feet ringing through the halls


I heard not a single step

My eyes were glued to the intercut tile floors


The satisfying patterns on the walls

And the breathtaking ceiling

Photos were not allowed

Yet I can still remember every detail vividly


That night I did not say goodbye to the friends I had made

I said goodbye to a city that I had fallen in love with


This experience brought out my free spirit

A spirit which finds beauty in all
And lives to share it with the rest of the world

The Jefferson Memorial