31 Days of Halloween: Day 17, Cucuy: The Boogeyman

Cucuy: The Boogeyman was written and directed by Peter Sullivan and stars Milo Murphy (Pedro Correa), Amelia Martin (Bella Stine), Rebecca Martin (Marisol Nichols), Kieran Martin (Brian Krause), Sofia Martin (Jearnest Corchado).

When children start disappearing in the neighborhood, a teen under house arrest starts suspecting a Mexican legend who is no longer a legend. A boogeyman known as the Cucuy takes children that have been naughty to a secret cave.

Amelia Martin is deaf and bullied in school. Sofia Martin, Amelia’s older sister, gets in a fight with the bully and soon gets put on house arrest. Rebecca Martin, the mother of these two girls, works long hours and isn’t home very often.

During the fight Sofia accidentally hits a cop that was trying to break the fight up. Her uncle Kieran, Rebecca’s brother, gets a house arrest deal for her so that no further charges could be taken. While on house arrest, she begins noticing that her new neighbor is acting a little strangely.

When Sofia is visited by a friend, she retells this premonition that she has. She also lets her sister know, but Amelia goes to his house when he’s gone and looks around. Sofia feels helpless because she can’t stop her sister from going.

The neighbor soon comes home when Amelia is inside. She hides in the basement and finds a map of the town with all the missing kid reports. She takes a picture and sends it to Sofia. Sofia sends those pictures to her uncle Kieran, so he can put the neighbor in jail. Their mother rushes home and talks to the neighbor and finds some interesting news about the Cucuy.

Later that night as Amelia and Sofia are getting ready for bed, they hear strange noises coming from Sofia’s room. Upon investigation, the Cucuy snatches up Amelia. The film ends with several days of searching, and Sofia telling her friends she knows how to find the Cucuy’s cave.

With young children and a boogeyman, it’s no wonder there are some intense scares throughout this film. And like most horror films, the director does a great job making viewers wonder how the town will find the Cucuy.