31 Days of Halloween: Day 16, Babadook

Babadook is a supernatural psychological thriller that was released in 2014.

The film follows a young widow, Amelia Vanek (Essie Davis), as she struggles to take care of her young son, Samuel (Noah Wiseman). Samuel is a troubled child who makes weapons and gets into fights. He becomes convinced that a creature called the Babadook exists and he has to fight him. Eventually the Babadook takes the form of Oskar, Amelia’s dead husband, who urges her to give him Samuel. She refuses and is eventually possessed by the Babadook. I won’t spoil the ending but in my opinion I believe it worked well with the tone of the movie.

This movie is extremely enjoyable. I loved enjoyed the emphasis on family bonding, and I enjoyed that it didn’t rely on cheap jump scares, instead focusing on suspense and atmosphere.