31 Days of Halloween: Day 15, The Ghost House

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Ghost House was directed by Rich Ragsdale and written by Jason Chase Tyrrell and Kevin O’Sullivan. Main characters include Robert (Russell Bank), Jean, Robert’s girlfriend (Katrina Grey), and Reno (Mark Boone Junior).

The plot centers on a normal boyfriend and girlfriend who vacation to a beautiful place. The last thing viewers think about is that something bad will happen to the two. But sadly this loving couple had the worst coming for them. Little did they know that they were going to have a deadly friend join their get away.

Jean and her boyfriend Robert, while trying to enjoy a peaceful vacation, take a shocking turn. Shortly after arriving, Jean goes for a walk downtown to scope out the town. Something  catches her attention which takes her down an alley. In the alley, she becomes someone other than herself.

Reno and Robert then have to try and save Jean, going to such extremes that involve strange houses in the middle of nowhere and possession by demons. Robert even cuts off his own finger in hopes that the old Jean will return.

The aspect of the film that interested me the most was how Robert went to such great lengths to save his girlfriend. Like typical horror films, there’s a lot of dramatic irony, where the viewer knows when something is about to happen.