CHS Students and Staff Voyage to Baku

In late September a group of CHS students and teachers went to Baku, Azerbaijan for a Global Youth Leadership forum in celebration of 50 years of Special Olympics.

Sarah Call, Jessica Purdum, Hanna Schutzman, Craig Wasia, and Amanda Ward were the students and adults selected to go on the adventure. There were 45 countries and 220 youth leaders and adults total at the convention, and only six schools in the United States were accepted to go.

“We all had to apply individually, and I had to put together a proposal of how to make the school more unified,” said Call. “The proposal is youth driven so it’s really, Hannah and Craig, our two youth, and they changed our project to just spread the word about unify and really target the middle school.”

Their main project, for now, is to hold a unified soccer day at the middle school in January. While the convention was only four days long, the kids and adults learned valuable lessons during this short time. Discussion panels were held where students and adults attended with Mrs. Call serving as a mentor and Mrs. Purdum serving as coach.

“The youth would all meet and talk about how to get unified and expand on it. Because the goal is to have a unified generation, where, 50 years from now we may not even need to have a Global Youth Summit because everyone’s included. That’s the hope,” said Call.

Another project the unify group is looking into is unified classes.

“Here at the high school, I don’t know if this is going to happen, but I have talked to Mr. Mcfadden about possibly having unified P.E. He’s also thought about Life Sports, and having it be unified: working together and building friendships,” said Call.

This trimester Life Sports has already become unified. Now back from Baku the group is applying what they learned to our local unify club.

“…a large priority is just having our club start and get out there. Everyone’s invited,” said Call.

The unify group meets on Tuesdays once a month at lunch in Mrs. Purdum’s room.

Hanna Schutzman and Craig Wasia pose for a photo in Baku, Azerbaijan, at the Global Youth Forum which they attended in late September.