31 Days of Halloween: Day 7, Jeepers Creepers

31 Days of Halloween: Day 7, Jeepers Creepers

The Jeepers Creepers franchise has successfully scared individuals for nearly two decades.

Jeepers Creepers, a movie that first graced the silver screen in 2001, scared movie fanatics around America with it’s jump scares and other creepy factors.

The movie follows a brother and sister through their adventures trying to survive the mysterious monster that many call “Jeepers Creepers.”

Named after the song that came out in 1938, the song is heard on a radio as the monster comes near; a sign of imminent death.

This creature is only awake for 23 days every 23 years, it stays alive through… unconventional means. The siblings are followed by the creature after they stumble upon him and his habits while driving home through a back street.

It would be a shame to spoil the jump scares or the plot of the story too much, but the end is one that will make anyone’s insides churn.

Jeepers Creepers 2 is the sequel to this story. There isn’t absence of the Creeper and his rituals. On the second day the Creeper is awake from his slumber, his first victim is a little boy that is ripped away from his father, Jake Taggart. That is only the start.

The movie continues with a bus, filled with basketball players and cheerleaders, having its tire popped by the Creepers trap. Unfortunately for the Creeper, one of the students knows the stories about his ways.

The police are called during the sufferable wait on the bus, and slowly the habitants are killed one by one even as they are communicating with the police over the radio. The Taggart’s from the first scene are alerted. Armed with a harpoon, Jack is ready to kill the being that murdered his son from him in cold blood.

Now, this film has a slightly more settling ending, where Jack gets the Creeper under control, but he doesn’t killing him. The creeper goes back into hibernation. Taggart takes him and imprisons him as a roadside creature show.

About three more days, give or take a day or two,” said Taggart as he sits next to the imprisoned Creeper with his harpoon.

These movies are truly classics; they take me back to my childhood. I believe anyone who’s looking for a thrill or a good jumpscare will be able to enjoy the plot and experience the horror as I did for many years.