31 Days of Halloween Movies: Day 2, Hush

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Hush, written by Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel, directed by Mike Flanagan and staring Kate Siegel, is a 2016 horror-slasher film. The film is about about author Maddie Young, who is deaf and mute due to bacterial meningitis in her childhood. As Maddie is cooking dinner, her friend, Sarah comes to her door, covered in blood, with a crossbow bolt in her leg, knocking frantically on her door. Because Maddie is deaf she can’t hear her friend, but the audience sees Sarah get shot by a man in a mask. What follows is a suspenseful film full of triumphs, failures and fear. I personally liked this movie because the audience doesn’t know until the very end who will triumph, Maddie or the Murderer. I rate 10/10 because it is extremely well shot and written, and when the audience is seeing from the eyes of Maddie the world is silent.