More Than Just a Homecoming Dance


CHS students during this years first home football game showing school spirit.


Homecoming week is just around the corner, and students are already preparing for the festivities. Most of the students are getting ready for the homecoming dance, which means teens are asking teens to the dance. Some students aren’t getting asked, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from going.

I haven’t been asked to a dance my three years at CHS, but this year is my first year having a date to homecoming. Having a date or not, never stopped me from doing all the activities. My first two years of high school I didn’t have a date, and it never stopped me from enjoying my homecoming experience. I still went and joined all the events during homecoming, for example, the bonfire,the football game, and dressing up for the themes throughout the week. I also get a new dress and get all dolled up. Honestly, I didn’t care if I didn’t have a date, because homecoming week isn’t based around trying to find a date. Yes, it’s amazing to have a date, but homecoming isn’t about that. Homecoming is about bringing out our school spirit. Showing the community we love our school and just having fun with our friends.

Not going to lie, every girl wants to be asked to any dance. I’m pretty sure anyone who gets asked has this amazing feeling, and have something to look forward to. I think with anyone, getting asked makes them happier, more ready for homecoming, and their self-confidence could have gone up. For me personally, this is my first year having a date. I also have a bunch of friends that have been asked, and yes they said the experience was amazing. They buy a new dress and having the homecoming experience with a date. Plus they don’t have to worry about thirdwheeling.

Not everyone has to have a date for homecoming; just enjoy time with friends. Get ready together, dress up together, and go to the dance together. All I have to say is, enjoy homecoming this year even if you don’t have a date. Go to the dance and enjoy your time.