CHS Students Gain Valuable Work Ethic Through Job Opportunities

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CHS Students Gain Valuable Work Ethic Through Job Opportunities

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Tired of eating school lunches? Wish you had some extra cash to go out to your favorite fast food place?

Many students in Cody High School remain without jobs, and lack work ethic.

“The sooner they learn work ethic the better,” expressed Allan Shotts.

Shotts has been teaching students about careers, work experience, and work ethic for 2 decades at CHS. Shotts believes work ethic is the “most important skill” a young person could have.Work ethic will build a necessary foundation for potential careers.  Work experience is a vital asset to student’s futures. Shotts started working the moment he was old enough. This gave him experience and direction to where he wanted to start his career. His advice to students is: “find things you like, and are good at.”  

Statistics show many young people pay for college and finish with a different major from their original.  Working in several different fields is beneficial because students waste less time in deciding their major.  

Simon Bagne says, “Work sucks, but it’s always nice to have some extra money for food and clothes.”

When asked about what inspired him to get a job at such a young age, Bagne said “I wanted clothes, I like food, I asked my mom for money she said no. So I was like, I needa [sic] get a job.”

When asked about how he gets to work he said “I walk, I rode my skateboard once, my parents are too lazy to take me. I work from 7:15-2:00 and sometimes 4:00-8:00.”

Allan Shotts says that the ideal hours for a tenager to work in a week is 16-20 hours.

John Rodgers, manager of Dairy Queen for 6 years, offers several different job titles with flexible hours.  Rodgers encourages high school students to work at Dairy Queen because of their success in the past with student employees.  Dairy Queen respects sport schedules and other extra curriculars.

Rodgers agrees with Shotts’s opinion that 20 hours a week is ideal.  Dairy Queen rarely schedules students to work later than 10:00 pm.

Work ethics provide a healthy foundation for students that will serve them well in whatever career they go into.