Cody Businesses Need Employees

Cody Businesses Need Employees

As I talked with students about their summer plans, I realized most did not know who was hiring, so I called businesses in Cody and asked them if they needed any help this summer. I got the following results:

McDonald’s – (307) 587-5900 Any position 16 years or older. “We need help!”

Burger King – (307) 587-6500 Hiring any cooking crew, front members, and manager. Looking for someone who can communicate well with customers.

Rib and Chop House –  (307) 527-7731 Needs kitchen staff (they prefer that you are at least 16 years old). They allow younger employees, but not in the back of house. They’re looking for bussers, hosts, servers (must be 16), and cooks.

Cassie’s – (307) 527-5500 Hiring food runners (food runners work their way up into being a waitress/waiter), bussers, possibly cooks (must be 17 years old), and dishwashers. Come fill out an application and discuss the hourly pay during business hours.

Dairy Queen – (307) 587-2151 Hiring front counter position: taking orders and making ice cream. Must be 15 and possibly 14.

Arby’s – (307) 587-6646 Mostly night shifts, 4 p.m. to closing. One would work in all positions (mainly need someone to work cashier). Starting at $9.70 per hour. Go online at to apply.

Walmart –   (307) 527-4673 Hiring inventory team, stockmen, and cashiers (must be 16). $11 an hour.

Annie’s Soda Salloon – (307) 578-8400 Go to the airport location and fill out an application.

Taco Johns – (307) 527-6424 Any position starts at $10 an hour.

Irma Hotel- (307) 587-4221 Come in and fill an application out and ask us what positions we are hiring.

Albertson’s – (307) 527-7007 Jobs for people under 18 are clerks, baggers, and baristas in Starbucks. Deli, produce, and meat jobs require applicants to be 18 and older.

 InnThe Ivy – (307) 587-2572 The restaurant is hiring servers, bussers, hostesses. The hotel is hiring bed makers/housekeepers.

Good luck! Work hard and save your money!