An Open Letter to School Trustee Weber

An Open Letter to School Trustee Weber

Dear Mr. Scott Weber,

I watched and listened to the video recording of the May 15 school board meeting, where you, one of the board members, launched into an unprompted speech denigrating two other students and me. You were commenting on a Speak Your Piece broadcast from KODI on April 30.

I would like to respond to some of the things you said about the broadcast on which I was a guest, because not only did you spread false information about us, but you alleged things that simply never happened.

Here they are:

“They call themselves activists,” you said.

No I don’t. In fact I hate to call myself an activist. I call myself a journalism student. I call myself an opinion writer. I don’t call myself an activist. KODI labeled me as an activist. I didn’t label myself as one.

“They had no idea about the Second Amendment. They had no idea about firearms. I doubt they knew the difference between an AR-15 and a pterodactyl,” you said.

Mr. Weber, again you’re wrong. I can quote the Second Amendment. I know the Second Amendment, and I cherish it. I enjoy shooting, and have used firearms extensively. As I have said many times, all I want is a mandatory background check. I have been shooting since I was five, and I know what an AR-15 is, mainly because I have one in my house, along with several other firearms, all of which I can tell from an extinct flying reptile. But sure, Mr. Weber, continue to claim that we “had no idea about the Second Amendment.”

It’s very embarrassing having them on the radio calling themselves activists having no idea what they’re talking about,” you said.

Mr. Weber, I too am embarrassed. I am embarrassed that you, an elected official, have used the platform to which you were elected, to attack and degrade students, whom you have direct power over, and to further your personal agenda.

If I were a teacher I would have said that this is a good learning opportunity. Maybe we do need to bone up on what the Second Amendment is,” you said.

You’re not a teacher Mr. Weber, and I’m glad. You have proven that you either cannot or will not keep your opinion out of your job. Your job is not to teach. Your job is not to denigrate students, but to contribute to their well being without mocking and belittling them. And your job is definitely not to defend those who do.

“I don’t like when our kids are pawns of the liberal agenda,” you said.

Firstly, never call me your “kid” again. I may go to a school where you are a member of the board, but believe it or not, Miss Sax, Miss Tamblyn and I, and in fact the entire student body, are our own people. We make our choices as individuals and carry out the actions as individuals. As Mr. Keegan said, “Pawns of the liberal media or pawns of the N.R.A. There are two ways to look at it.” You can deny it Mr. Weber; however, you have given just as much or more evidence that you are in the pocket of the N.R.A. as we have given evidence that we are in the pocket of the “liberal media.” Just because one agrees with a person or a group of people doesn’t mean they are their pawn.

“If they want to go to the church and protest and walk around in the park and say nonsensical things, let ‘em do that, but not on school time. No way. That’s sacred,” you said.

Again, Mr. Weber, and I can’t stress this enough, you are insulting and demeaning students that go to a school over which you have a high degree of power. You are trying to use your position as a vehicle to ensure that your opponents are discounted. You used the word “nonsensical” to describe us. You’re trying to say that we are just blathering children throwing temper tantrums, but you fail to acknowledge the sense that we are making. You fail to acknowledge that even those who disagree with us can understand what we are saying.

What I am about is that they do their research. They had no prep,” you said.

We did prep. We did “do [our] research” on all the relevant information, but the questions asked us didn’t fall into that category. The questions weren’t relevant, and they were vain, underhanded attempts to discredit us. Just like your insinuations, as a school board member, were meant to discredit us, the questions were meant to discredit us.

“I am pro-common sense,” you said.

No, you aren’t. If nothing else, this unprovoked tirade of yours proved that you are not for common sense. You are for yourself. You own a gun shop, Mr. Weber. It is not possible for you to remain unbiased in this issue as you have a personal and professional stake in it.

Mr. Weber, you are school board member. You went into an inane, insulting rant about my two friends and me.

In a final salute to Mrs. Stephanie Bell and Mr. Tom Keegan, thank you. Thank you for standing up for us in our stead, and thank you for standing up for the much larger issue of student voice. 

And thanks to Superintendent Schulte who said he found us “thoughtful and articulate,” and mentioned people could make up their own minds about us by listening to the KODI broadcast themselves here.

Perhaps you should listen to it yourself, Mr. Weber, just in case you made all those comments without really hearing it.