Wead to Travel for Humanitarian Work


Solie Jackson

Alexandra Wead will leave September 10 for Nepal.

After graduation, each student chooses a path to follow. CHS senior Alex Wead’s path will take her around the world. She’ll be going to four different countries: Nepal, Swaziland, Guatemala, and India. She has enrolled with a nine month program called the World Race Gap Year. 

“… it’s basically a lot of humanitarian work,” said Wead. “That’s working in orphanages; it’s doing construction; it’s working in hospitals, and helping the sick.”

Wead was inspired to choose a future like this as a child.

“I grew up on a dude ranch, but I never was a rancher kid. So I began to look for things I could relate to, and I found that in books and traveling. I also watched movies like The Little Princess which is about a girl who lives in India. Then growing up, I was inspired to travel by these things,” said Wead.

But she does not want to travel just to travel. The humanitarian work is crucial to her plan.

“I chose the humanitarian work because you have a responsibility to better the world. I can’t just go and travel,” said Wead. “If I’m going to travel, I’m going to go and do something that’s going impact the world.”

Wead is unsure of what she will do after the excursion.

She will either “go to college at somewhere like Northwest, MSU, or Weber State … or who knows what, maybe something where I continue to travel and do humanitarian work. Or I’m thinking of going on my next trip which is Morocco. So I really want to go and try to stay there.”

Wead is eager for her trip in the fall.

“I’m so excited for the people. I’m so excited to just sit down in like a little old lady’s house, and have whatever weird food she made for us and just talk to her. Hear her life story, what she loves, and what she hates. Just to completely experience a culture so out of my comfort zone,” said Wead.