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Miz Cracker: The Rightful Heir to the RPDR Season Ten Crown

Miz Cracker's promo look for season ten.

Miz Cracker's promo look for season ten.

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“Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best woman win!”

The iconic show Rupaul’s Drag Race (RPDR) is airing its 10th season. RPDR is a competition TV show to find America’s next drag superstar. This Thursday will mark episode nine of the season. There’s so many fierce Queens on this season, (tens, tens, tens across the board!) however, none have caught my attention quite like Miz Cracker.

Cracker is a 34 year old comedy queen based in New York City. She’s the “daughter” of season eight winner, Bob the Drag Queen. She is well known for her Youtube channel and her Youtube mini-series called Review With a Jew, in which she recaps each episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Cracker’s intelligent sense of humor is the first thing that put me on the Cracker train. Throughout the season, she has proved she can hold her own. Not only is she an amazing comedy queen, but Cracker handles reality TV drama with a grace that’s rarely seen on the main stage of RPDR. She’s also skilled in several important drag fields, such as clothing design and makeup as well as acting.

One of my favorite things about Miz Cracker is her commentary throughout the show. She never fails to make me laugh, I relate to her constant self-deprecating humor. Cracker does this thing were she claims to have no idea what she’s doing, and then pulls together an amazing look. I really respect her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.

Cracker has been safe all season. She has yet to be in the top or bottom, but her personality has won her a lot of screen time, the hearts of many fans, and friendships with her drag sisters. She is sweet (and salty) on and off the main stage. Even though she has yet to completely blow the judges away, Cracker has high potential to reach the top and take the crown.

It’s more than halfway through the season and Cracker is still performing strong. I have nothing but respect and support for her. Not only do I admire her beauty and strengths in drag, but I also admire her personality, sense of humor and how she interacts with the other queens in the Werk Room. The thing that I enjoy most about Cracker is that she, like most drag queens, is unapologetically herself. Cracker sticks to her brand, and I really love her it because while Cracker has an attitude, she is not a mean spirited queen. I look up to Cracker a lot for this. I can imagine it would be easy to crack under pressure, especially while being displayed on national television.

I have high hopes that Miz Cracker will be the next drag superstar and will take home the crown. I truly believe the wonderful, beautiful, self-proclaimed “Jewish Barbie on Bath Salts,” is soon to be rightful champion of season ten. Nobody so far has proved they deserve it as much as Miz Cracker.

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Miz Cracker: The Rightful Heir to the RPDR Season Ten Crown