Olenik Adds Excitement to Bio II Class Out of The Classroom

Dean Olenik, a teacher at CHS took Biology classes on an all-day field trip to Dead Indian Pass and the surrounding areas including some portions of the Two Dot Ranch. Along with seeing animals, such as deer pronghorn, chipmunks, and a number of birds, the students were able to learn the different microclimates of our ecosystem. During the trip the students saw multiple fresh mountain lion tracks and trekked their way to an abandoned bear den where they were able to crawl in to see what it’s like to be a bear. Snow balls were thrown and games were played as they ate lunch just above the den. The field trip was a good way to teach the students without sitting in the classroom reading out of a book. Personally, the trip was better than anything I would have done in a school day, and I hope Olenik continues to take students on this trip.