Art Club Paints Bronc Mural for CHS

CHS’s Art Club


CHS’s Art Club members have begun painting a mural full of school spirit. They stared at the beginning of the semester and it’s going to be displayed in May.

Cindy Aune has been the advisor for Art Club for the past eight years.

“Every year there are kids that have an interest in art but can’t put an art class into their schedule,” said Aune. “So, if we have an Art Club students can come in and work on projects so it offers students a place to get their hands in the art process without a class.”

A drawing by sophomore Paige Martinez inspired the mural. The drawing was of a Bronc running toward the viewer. The only colors used in the mural are shades of blue, yellow, and gold

“I didn’t choose it. That’s the beautiful thing. At the beginning of the year, we had a lot of kids in here for art club and they talked about what they wanted on a mural and most everyone said a Bronc,” said Aune, “and then Paige Martinez had a drawing that she had done of a Bronc running toward you and we thought that looked very energetic and decided that would be a good, powerful subject for a mural”

“They placed the Bronc in our personal environment which is Cedar and Rattlesnake mountains,” said Aune, “The mountains are behind the Bronc and it really signifies the freedom and the strength that we have here at CHS.”

In the past eight years the mural is the second largest project the art club has undertook. The first huge project they executed was painting one of the bison sculptures that are displayed throughout town. The Art Club’s bison sculpture is across from Millstone Pizza Company & Brewery near the Fire Department.

Originally, the mural was going to be painted on the wall to the right of Mr. Riley’s classroom, but the custodial staff gave them a large canvas and now they have permission to put it wherever the club wishes.

“We chose the canvas over the wall because we thought that it may be easier because we can work on it hear in the art room,” said Aune, “So far, it’s going quite well. Now we can put it wherever we want. I don’t know it could put it in the mall somewhere or in the hallway still.”

The Art Club is also working on a sculpture made from plastic for Art Symposium, which is April 19-21 in Casper.