Voices in The Halls: Should we have stricter gun control in the United States?

Voices in The Halls


“Yes, because there is nothing wrong with ensuring that people know how to properly use firearms. One could not drive a car without a license and they shouldn’t be able to use a weapon without one.” – Senior Kendall Diaz



“I think we should improve background checks, not stricter laws.” – Senior Ira Mickelson



“I think we should have stricter gun laws to a certain extent. I don’t think they should have guns taken away but we need to make it stricter on who can have a gun, like stricter background checks.” – Junior Kayleigh Deaton.


“Yes. I think we should have controlled gun laws.” – Junior Brissa Mata


“I think we should not have stricter gun control. What this country needs is stricter background checks. We need to make sure that guns do not get into the hands of people with a mental illness or a criminal background. And if the person who owns the gun lives in the same household as someone with a criminal background or mental illness, then the firearm should remain in a locked safe. The reason we should not ban any firearms is because our 2nd amendment is there for citizens to protect themselves against a potential tyrannical government.” –  Sophomore Moira Arthaud


“Gun laws that we already have should be enforced.” – Sophomore Bobby Brenner


“I don’t care, I use swords!” – Sophomore Christian Rask


“I don’t really know because the strictest gun control laws seem to be leading to more crime.” – Freshman Oscar Kelsey


“I do not. My views on them are very strong. I believe there are ways to fix the problems. They should make a law to make sure children or mentally ill do not get a hold of a gun.”– Freshman Kade Gomske


Voices in The Halls: Should we have stricter gun control in the United States?

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